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Savage Cabbage 5% CBD Oil

(2 customer reviews)


Full spectrum formulation containing premium whole plant hemp extract and organic olive oil. This formula contains 50mg per ml of CBD and contains all the beneficial minor cannabinoids, flavonoids and other compounds alongside low naturally occurring levels of THC. Ideal for those upgrading their CBD routine.



Savage Cabbage 5% CBD Oil

WIN WITH WELLNESS:  Savage Cabbage 5% CBD Oil – With every drop of this full spectrum CBD oil, you’re harnessing its power to conveniently help you live better, naturally. Our range of CBD oils are designed to bring balance to your daily routine and promote improved focus and concentration, while making you feel calmer, less stressed and support better sleep cycles. Enjoy Mother Nature at its finest for less and find the best version of you.

STACK THE ODDS IN YOUR FAVOUR: By choosing our artisanal produced CBD Oil, your body and mind will experience the premium quality of CBD in all of it’s natural glory. Quality and consistency are integral to the effectiveness of our full spectrum CBD oils. Guarantee yourself results from the highest quality hemp extracts at accessible prices, with third party laboratory testing completed on every product.

Savage Cabbage 5% CBD Oil

ACHIEVE BETTER RESULTS: There is more to CBD than just CBD. Unlike cheap oils found elsewhere in the UK, the power of this Full Spectrum CBD oil will gift your body an array of nutritious compounds which are found naturally in the hemp plant. Alongside CBD you’ll also benefit from many minor cannabinoids (CBC, CBG and more), terpenes, flavonoids, omegas, vitamins and minerals. These work to deliver the Entourage Effect – where the effect of all of them together, gives superior results that the individual parts.

HIT YOUR WELLNESS GOALS FASTER:  Savage Cabbage 5% CBD Oil Mother Nature has always provided for us – if we let it. Our full spectrum CBD oils take nature in its purest form and use limited, select ingredients to deliver the best hemp extract possible without anything that will work against us. Two ingredients are used in the making of our Savage Cabbage CBD Oils – Organically produced hemp extract and organic olive oil. Every CBD oil is all-natural, gluten-free and vegan-friendly.

2 reviews for Savage Cabbage 5% CBD Oil

  1. Lauren

    One of the aspects that sets Savage Cabbage CBD Oil apart is the focus on using organic and high-quality hemp.

  2. Lucy

    The purity and potency of this CBD oil have unquestionably made a positive impact on my health journey.

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