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Flor Alpes Moonrocks

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Moonrock Special CBD of the Floralpes brand, a product known for its high concentration of CBD and its high-end side. A MoonRock or Lunar Rock is a CBD flower coated with CBD hemp oil, then sprinkled with CBD pollen. This product therefore has a very high CBD content that sometimes approaches 55%. Let yourself be tempted by an exceptional product directly inspired by recreational cannabis, but without any of the psychoactive effects, only a quick and effective relaxation effect.

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Flor Alpes Moonrocks

Flor Alpes Moonrocks: The Ultimate Guide to Hashandcannabis’ Best Product

Are you a cannabis enthusiast looking for an out-of-this-world experience? Look no further than Flor Alpes Moonrocks, Hashandcannabis’ premier product. Made from the highest quality cannabis buds, hash oil, and kief, Flor Alpes Moonrocks are the ultimate cannabis experience.

In this guide, we’ll delve into what makes Flor Alpes Moonrocks so special, how to consume them, and where to find them. By the end of this guide, you’ll understand why Flor Alpes Moonrocks are taking the cannabis world by storm.

What are Flor Alpes Moonrocks?

Flor Alpes Moonrocks are a cannabis product that takes the traditional cannabis flower to the next level. They are made by taking a high-quality cannabis bud and dipping it in hash oil, then coating it in a layer of kief. This process creates a potent and flavorful product that’s perfect for those seeking a more intense cannabis experience.

What makes Flor Alpes Moonrocks so special?

One of the things that make Flor Alpes Moonrocks unique is the quality of the cannabis used in their production. Hashandcannabis sources the highest quality buds, ensuring that each Moonrock is packed with flavor and potency.

Additionally, the process of making Moonrocks creates a product with a higher concentration of THC than traditional cannabis flower. This means that even experienced cannabis users will feel the effects of Flor Alpes Moonrocks quickly and intensely.

How do you consume Flor Alpes Moonrocks?

Consuming Flor Alpes Moonrocks is different from smoking traditional cannabis flower. Because Moonrocks are so potent, it’s important to consume them in moderation. Here are a few tips for consuming Flor Alpes Moonrocks:

  1. Use a grinder: Because Flor Alpes Moonrocks are coated in kief, they can be difficult to break apart by hand. Use a grinder to break up the Moonrocks into smaller pieces.
  2. Use a glass pipe or bong: Using a glass pipe or bong will help to preserve the flavor of the Moonrocks.
  3. Take small hits: Moonrocks are extremely potent, so take small hits to avoid overconsumption.
Where can you find Flor Alpes Moonrocks?

Flor Alpes Moonrocks can be difficult to find, but Hashandcannabis is the go-to source for this premium product. With a commitment to quality and customer service, Hashandcannabis is the best place to find Flor Alpes Moonrocks.


Flor Alpes Moonrocks are the ultimate cannabis experience. With their unique flavor and potency, Moonrocks are a step above traditional cannabis flower. Remember to consume Moonrocks in moderation, and use a grinder and glass pipe or bong for the best experience. And when you’re ready to try Flor Alpes Moonrocks for yourself, head to Hashandcannabis for the highest quality product.

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1 review for Flor Alpes Moonrocks

  1. Ellen

    Je le recommande totalement. Le produit est bien au dessus de mes attentes.

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